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Somaye Dehban

#9 Waterschap

Dear residents of De Stichtse Rijnlanden Waterboard (HDSR),

We all want to live safely in a country where we are protected against flooding and there is sufficient clean water for everyone. That’s why, in the Netherlands we have Waterboards, and you and I live in waterboard Hoogheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden (HDSR).

To maintain our safety and water availability despite the changing climate, innovative solutions are needed. The VVD wants to do what is necessary to come up with the right solutions and trade-offs, for all residents who live in our water-rich country. We work for you as residents to protect us in this water-rich country ready for the future. We can and want to do this together with you.

Safe living-environment with clean water requires not only participation and collaboration from you, and from us as your representative in the waterboard, but also from companies and from the government in the Netherlands. We listen to you, because the waterboard must be there for you.

We work hard on that every day, and I am committed to our safety and our access to clean water. Therefore, I would like to join my colleagues in the HDSR waterboard, to represent you, to represent us and our concerns.

On your behalf, I will do what is necessary in the coming years:

  • Dry living-environment;
  • Sufficient clean water;
  • Affordable low tax.

Vote VVD, also for the water board on March 15!